Galetti Horizontal Bolt, Lower


Replacement Part for Pozzi Galetti Articulator.

Code: 001-20071


Replacement Part for Pozzi Galetti Articulator.

The Galetti Articulator is solidly constructed of metal alloy casting. It is easy to use, allowing quick fixation of model. From chairside to patient, immediate adjustment of the occlusal and correct simulation of central relation. All anatomical movements possible. Correct occlusion with maximum precision. Perfect occlusal-articular balance to prevent cuspidal interferences and to obtain a balanced prosthetic appliance. For the dentist, orthodontist and oral surgeon, the Galetti Articulator creates an impressive display that is quick and easy to use for case presentations. It can also be used for study models as well as for many additional applications for partial and full denture work.

Special Features

  • Allows easy separation of upper and lower components to form two entirely stable working bases.
  • Upper anterior ball bearing joint allows for free motion of upper appliance to check occlusal-articulator balance.
  • Hinge-axis with bilateral motion capability for anterior, posterior and lateral movements showing working and balancing movements.
  • Adjustable vertical angle pin table to raise or lower the bite.
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