American Tooth Industries was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1971 as Bruno Pozzi Dental Products. The company moved to Oxnard, California in 1975 and incorporated under the name American Tooth Industries in 1985.

Since April 2008, Emilio Pozzi has been the President/CEO of the company. American Tooth Industries is privately owned.

American Tooth Industries is comprised of three product brand divisions, each recognized as a world leader in the field. Whether you are interested in synthetic resin teeth, acrylic specialty items, abrasives or orthodontic products, we have the quality items you’re looking for. ATI is an ISO and CE certified company.

At American Tooth Industries, we believe that you should have the opportunity to purchase only the finest quality dental products at prices you can afford!

Emilio Pozzi

Emilio Pozzi
President & CEO



H.D. Justi Dental Manufacturing was founded in Philadelphia in 1864. In September of 1940, Justi introduced the first plastic tooth line at the ADA convention in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1980 Justi manufacturing was transferred to Oxnard, California.

The company merged with American Tooth Industries in 1986. The Justi products Division now manufactures six lines of hardened plastic teeth (Imperial, Justi Blend, Imperial ViVO, ViForm, Dymon-Hue and Triplex) as well as a wide range of chair-side and laboratory products.



The Pozzi Dental Products Division is a direct descendant of Bruno Pozzi Dental Products. The Pozzi products line is recognized as a world leader in abrasives, stainless steel crowns and bands, laboratory diamonds and specialty items.

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