Return or exchange of merchandise can be accepted if the purchase time has not exceeded 3 months from date of invoice. Absolutely no returns of specialties merchandise will be accepted without prior consent in writing. Please Call (805) 487-9868 for an authorization number. For monomers, polymers, solvents and other chemical made products of powder, liquid, cream, emulsions, ointments, etc., we need to receive a detailed reason for your return. If the product is proved not to be defective by our testing lab, return will be considered contaminated and not restockable or resalable. In this case we will not be able to credit your account and goods will be returned to you. Due to F.D.A. Regulations, we are obliged to enforce the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) code, according to which we must receive information from our customers showing invoice numbers, dates purchased and reason for return before we can process this return. We are subject to periodic FDA inspections and we must abide by the law. Merchandise returned for credit or exchange, if in saleable condition, is subject to a handling charge of 15%. All returns must be shipped prepaid. Merchandise returned or exchanged and requiring reconditioning or special handling is subject to a handling charge of no less than 20%. Used, obsolete or discontinued merchandise will not be accepted for credit or exchange. The credit issued can be applied against future purchases of specialties merchandise and/or for teeth. When returning merchandise purchased at quantity discount rate, credit will be issued at the discount rate, before any handling charges.


We can accept returns of full sets, of the Tooth Lines listed below - see #3, only if they are accompanied by a tooth order for the same line of teeth. Absolutely no return of full sets will be accepted without prior consent in writing or by calling (805) 487-9868. The return of full sets must not be more than 40% of the dollar value of the new tooth order. No handling charge or extra charge will be applied on the return. However, teeth returned must have been purchased no more than one year before the date of return. Proof of purchase must be attached to return request. No credit will be allowed for loose teeth, ground teeth or teeth not on original card and they must be returned in proper tooth boxes; see paragraph 2 below for specifications on returns of full sets of teeth. For other types of returns or exchanges please request your needs in writing.


1. All broken sets of plastic teeth will be accepted for credit into our Tooth Bank. All returns of teeth must be returned freight prepaid and will be checked by our Receiving Department. No credit will be allowed for loose teeth, ground teeth, or teeth not on cards (see paragraph 2 below for additional details). You may send any amount of broken sets to be credited in the Tooth Bank against future orders. Based on the Receiving Ticket (ATI Form #132), the Tooth Bank Accounting Department will issue a Tooth Bank Credit Voucher (ATI Form #107). The credit is posted in a Tooth Bank Ledger in your name. A 30% limitation of broken set credit will be issued against each one of your orders (for the same line of teeth only). Example, if you place an order of $100.00 for Justi Blend teeth, we shall decrease your Justi Blend Tooth Bank account by $30.00 (assuming you have accumulated that much in your account) and issue an effective credit on your invoice. Payment of your regular account must be current, including finance charges, to be eligible for the 30% broken set credit. Under no circumstances will we refund to the customer the equivalent in cash of the dollar amount of broken set credit. Tooth Bank credit balance cannot be used to pay off a Regular Receivable balance unless it is used in conjunction with a new purchase.

2. Broken sets and full sets returned will not be credited if received in the following conditions:

a. Loose teeth off cards due to improper packaging.

b. Ground, chipped or damaged teeth.

c. Teeth not on clean cards or in the proper position or proper molds.

d. Teeth with wax and permanent markings on them. (Paper dots are O.K.).

e. Cards with any markings on the front or back (including bar coding which cannot be easily removed).

f. Excessively dusty and dirty cards and/or teeth.

g. Teeth must be returned in proper tooth boxes. All of the above applies to full sets and broken sets.


The following brands of broken sets of teeth will be returnable for immediate credit at the price offered here below. We will not accept broken sets of tooth lines which are not listed below:

Item No. Brand Retail Credit Per Tooth*
904-R19973-1 Dymon-Hue HPT Anterior Single Teeth 1.27
904-R19974-1 Dymon-Hue HPT Posterior Single Teeth 0.95
904-R58-0002 Justi Blend Anterior Single Teeth 3.95
904-R58-0005 Justi Blend Posterior Single Teeth 2.24
904-R50-0104 Justi Imperial Anterior Single Teeth 3.24
904-R50-0204 Justi Imperial Posterior Single Teeth 3.24
904-R50-0610 Justi Imperial VIVO Ant. Single 3.34
904-R50-0620 Just Imperial VIVO Post. Single 3.04

*This reflects the actual single tooth price of a 1x6 or 1x8.


a. Teeth purchased by Special Accounts or by contract will be credited based on the stated Special Account or contract prices. Perforated full sets or perforated broken sets are not returnable for credit at any time.

b. IMPORTANT: If Tooth Bank account remains dormant for more than 3 consecutive months, the bank balance will be written off and broken sets discarded from our shelves.


For every empty channel in any of our tooth lines listed in paragraph 3, we shall give you a $0.20 credit if the channels are returned with a new order of at least equal amounts of full sets of the same tooth brand. The allowance is not applicable for teeth purchased by Special Accounts or by contract.


All orders accepted for future delivery will be billed as per proforma invoice duly signed by you and our company representative. Only current prices are stored in our computer daily. Please ask for confirmation of pricing at the time of placing order. These terms supersede all previous terms. Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.