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The Dental Industry Standard at Fair Market Prices

Our wide selection of specialized abrasive points, wheels and discs are the result of the manufacturing efforts of 5 small factories: two in the USA and three outside our country, with a total work force of about 80 people. Each factory is making dental abrasives under our specifications and only for dental applications. The specialized tools, machines, ovens and raw materials employed to fabricate the Pozzi Dental Abrasives ensure the excellence in the work performance of these unique products. Master Technicians, Dentists and Dental Specialists will find this information extremely important to select the instruments that they need for each of their daily tasks. Our competitive prices, unique features and unsurpassed quality make our abrasives the worldwide leaders in this field.
We also manufacture custom designed Points, Wheels or Discs according to your requirements (in quantity only!). Each box of Pozzi abrasives (all shapes) is marked Pozzi and has a lot number. Please be aware of bad imitations. Do not buy if the box does not have the Pozzi marking, item number and lot number on it. Compressed Aluminum Oxide, Rubber Resin Bonding and Siliko Rubber Bonding are exclusive manufacturing processes of Pozzi Abrasives, therefore, make sure the product is marked Pozzi.

This line has gained an excellent reputation because the points, wheels and discs are made with compressed aluminum oxide of the best grade. Our Quality Control Department guarantees the quality and performance of each piece. Pozzi points, wheels and discs cut faster than any other similar product on the market. The Pozzi Universal points, wheels and discs have a unique grit formula for each shape. These abrasives are thoroughly inspected, guaranteed and backed by 40 years of experience in the dental field.

Series M mounted stones for chrome-cobalt alloy. Blue in color. USA specification. Medium type, cuts fast. Shank 2.35 mm. diameter. Made of compressed aluminum oxide. Non-contaminating. Guaranteed to cut fast. Recommended speed is between 20,000 and 28,000 rpm.

008-32084 M1
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