Ormaplus Putty Regular


Code: 073-M3045


Polyvinyl siloxane based, addition curing, elastomeric precision preliminary impression material.
Ormaplus Putty is available in two versions:

  • Putty Fast providing a fast intraoral setting time (4’) which is pleasant for patients.
  • Putty Soft providing a reduced final hardness (60 Shore-A) indicated for problematic clinical situations (patients with periodontally compromised residual dentition).

Ormaplus Putty is designed to provide the highest precision in details reproduction and a perfect chemical bonding to light-bodied impression materials.
Ormaplus Putty can be kneaded smoothly and can be easily removed from patient’s mouth thanks to its elastic properties.
Ormaplus Putty formulation guarantees high tear resistance and compressive strength combined with an excellent elastic recovery.

Contains: 450g Base Paste + 450g Catalyst

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