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To continue our quest to provide unique products to the Denture Specialists of North America, we are distributing the anterior line of our Major Plus Comp(osite) teeth. These newly designed anterior teeth are made in three layers. Dentine and cervical in acrylic, enamel in composite material.

Some Overdentures which are now also called Hybrid dentures may require Anterior teeth which are tubular in shape, especially in the neck and upper body. This is done mainly to fill the interdental space, eliminating the non esthetic black triangle.

This product competes head to head with the Anterior composite teeth made by the following brands :

  • Physiostar NFC by Candulor
  • Phonares NHC by Ivoclar
  • Physiodens MRP by Vita

This Major product, however, offers many positive advantages when compared with the competition:

  • Longer experience, by Major, in fabricating composite teeth
  • Pioneer in the development of an easier BONDABLE neck for composite teeth.
  • 3 Dimensional esthetic for great aging effect, developed in 1970 in cooperation with Northern Italian Universities.
  • Harmonious superiority of forensic sculpture of the master molds.
  • More affordable than all competing brands.
  • Endorsed by the Justi Hollywood Teeth R&D department the inventor of hardened plastic teeth.
  • Able to withstand inplant forces when used as implant-supported denture teeth.

Major Plus Comp Anterior teeth are offered in 10 upper and 4 lower molds in 3 different types of sizes: S (Small), M (Medium) and B (BIG).

Shade range is only in Vita Hues. Made in Italy, distributed in North America by American Tooth Industries. 085-T2032.jpg

Major Plus Comp is a three layer tooth: the dentine and cervical layers are in acrylic material in order to provide ideal chemical bonding to the denture base; the enamel layer is in composite material to ensure maximum protection to the teeth during mastication, long lasting dimensional stability and prosthesis balancing, and to comply with every requirement of the modern prosthetic technique.

Major Plus Comp has an excellent functional precision of occlusal profiles combined with a modern and natural aesthetic. Major Plus Comp posteriors are designed in order to satisfy every technical and aesthetic need. The teeth are chromatically arranged following the Vita® Type A1-D4 shade guide and they are available in 3 Technical (T) 3 High Anatomic (HA) and 3 Wide Functional Area (WFA) molds.
Please note: Shade B1 not available.

High anatomic molds present an accentuated cuspidal inclination (between 25° and 28°). The morphology of anatomic moulds shows permanently “in touch” surfaces with a consequent decrease of lateral thrust and an increased prosthesis stability. The natural appearance of the tooth, characterized by deep sulcuses, enables a better mastication and give the prosthesis a higher mimetic value.

Technical molds are designed with a balanced occlusal plane following specific geometrical rules. The tooth has a cuspidation with a geometrical inclination superior to 20° and flat sliding plans. This kind of design assures an easy and fast antagonists articulation.

Please note: Patients shall be notified that removable dentures made with composite teeth must be handled with great care because, if the appliance falls on a hard surface, the teeth may shatter.


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