Dymon-Hue HPT Upper Posterior Card


Code: 082-19974U


Dymon-Hue HPT (hardened plastic teeth) are blended teeth similar to natural teeth. They are manufactured with life-like aesthetics, high quality synthetic resin and have superior hardness. This tooth line is recommended as a “House Brand” tooth for laboratories. The cross-linking system employed is an Interpenetrated, Multi-layered, Intersectional Polymer Network which is solvent and heat resistant. No diatoric retention is necessary.

Dymon-Hue HPT anterior and posterior teeth are available in 15* shades - 21, 22, 59, 60, 61, 62, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 77, 78, 81 and 87. The copolymer is pigmented with inorganic type pigments that are color stable and unaffected by light or heat. Dymon-Hue HPT molds are available in 35 American anterior molds including 3P, 3N, A25, etc.; and 40 American posterior molds including 10 degree, 20 degree, anatomical, short bite and flat plane.

Dymon-Hue HPTs are manufactured in our modern California factory which is equipped with sophisticated electronics which provides highly consistent production of shades and molds. Skilled technicians who are specially trained to manufacture laminated teeth operate this specialized equipment.

Dymon-Hue HPT are made according to ANSI/ADA Specification #15 published in 1999 for artificial resin teeth. The teeth are photogenic, vacuum-processed and are 100% guaranteed to be bondable to methyl-methacrylate denture base materials.

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