Dymon Hue V Lower Posterior


Code: 085-19974/VL


Justi Dymon-Hue V - to enhance and extend the Dymon-Hue tooth line, manufactured with lifelike aesthetics that are blended to be similar to those of natural teeth, the Dymon-Hue shades now include 12 popular Vita Shades, 12 upper anterior molds, 9 lower anterior molds, and 12 upper and lower posterior molds.

Shades A0, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3, D2
Molds and Sizes: 12 Upper Anterior Molds: 3P, 2P, 3N, A25, A26, 266, 267, 264, 2D, 4H, 136, 137
9 Lower Anterior Molds: 3P, 2P, 3N, 26, 2D, 4H, 3R, 46, 47
12 Upper and Lower Posterior Molds: (20 degree) 29M, 29L, 31M, 31L, 33M
(Anatomical 33 degree) 30M, 32M, 34M, 34L
(Planatomical TM 0 degree) 31MF
(Symmetry TM 10 degree) 32F, 33F

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