Bambino® Teeth

The Bambino tooth is an aes­thetic and functional solu­tion to the problem of the empty spaces left by decidu­ous teeth.

Made of a copolymer cross-linked resin, this tooth line guarantees imperme­ability to infiltration of fluids and bacteria, thus preventing discoloration and changing of dimen­sional character. Studied and developed by orthodontic specialists as a simplified alternative to orthodontic appliances, these teeth are ideal for use as a space maintainer to ensure a correct line of teeth where both articulation and aesthetic are concerned. Use of these teeth in articular rehabilitations allows for proper mastication, which can only be obtained with perfect articular balance. Available in a single-mold upper and lower anteriors and upper and lower posteriors. Mounted on dark plastic blocks in 2 shades: 59 (milk white), 61 (yellow-straw white).