Triplex MSLV

The European Look in Vita type of shades

The Triplex™ MSLV is a unique system of multi-layered intersectional polymer network resin denture teeth. The Triplex System features the natural-looking characterization found in European manufactured female and male anteriors, along with the full range of anatomical occlusion in the posteriors required by modern dental professionals in the USA. The Triplex System is a unique line of teeth for modern users in over-denture cases or partial cases where high characterization is needed. It is also the only tooth line in the world market to offer male and female anterior maxillary and mandibular molds for very exclusive premium full dentures.


A unique system featuring European aesthetic and American technology.

Major Dent® female anterior molds designed and sculptured in Italy.

Triplex posteriors are designed and manufactured in the United States and are available in 0°, 10°, 20°, and 33° to articulate to the Super Lux and Major Dent anteriors. The Triplex™ MSLV System utilizes a Vita-type shade system.