Justi® Blend Teeth

Multiblended Hardened Plastic Teeth

Justi Blend brings a fresh and natural look to multiblended characterized plastic anterior teeth. It is the right choice for today’s cosmetic industry. Justi Blend is a highly cross-linked, fluorescent, vacuum-processed, laminated plastic tooth. It is unique in that the structure of this tooth line creates the vitality of a natural tooth. The centrals, laterals and cuspids each have a different tone, and this combination of tones blends together in one set. The semitranslucent body helps create a depth within the tooth and reflects color from within, just as dentin does in a natural tooth. The teeth are photogenic, vacuum processed and 100% guaranteed to be bondable to methyl methacrylate denture base materials.

Molds and Sizes

Justi Blend teeth are available in 27 upper anterior and 8 lower anterior molds as well as 18 articulating upper and lower posterior molds in 0º, 10º, 20º and 33º anatomical medium and long. Justi Blend Posterior visually matches as closely as possible the cuspids, left and right. It does not match the value of the centrals or the lateral teeth. It is manufactured with the same HUE but has different Values or Tones. Following the studies of U.S. universities, it was concluded that natural posteriors are sightly darker than the centrals and laterals. American Tooth Industries is following this characteristic.