Anatomic Posterior Teeth

These anatomically pleasing 10° posterior teeth are suitable for complete and removable partial dentures. Their carved cusps are very similar in shape to Dentsply Anatoline® teeth. The tooth aesthetics and functionality are complementary with excellent chewing efficiency. This 10° tooth can be used in lingual occlusion configurations or in applications where gentle excursions can offer the patient proper mastication.

Imperial DeltaΔ™ teeth are available in four sizes, Δ 30X, Δ 32X, Δ 34X and Δ 36X, in all 22 Imperial shades and all 19 Imperial ViVO shades with highly cross-linked intersectional polymer network material with these attributes: maximum wear resistance, vacuum processed, no diatoric retention is necessary, and 100% bondability with methacrylate denture base material.