Imperial ViVO

Justi Imperial ViVO® offers an incisal and interproximal blend that give this beautiful line of teeth the unique ability to absorb and reflect surrounding color. This means more latitude for blending with natural teeth– resulting in less resets due to shade, especially in partial denture cases.

Justi Imperial ViVO® offers traditional-quality American molds using the newest *Vita®-type shade system. The effect of this combination is outstanding aesthetics and excellent functionality.

The ability of the teeth to blend into the adjacent dentition has made producing great-looking stay plates much more predictable. The chameleon-like characteristic of Justi Imperial ViVO® teeth makes shade selection much easier and greatly reduces remakes. The traditional American molds have a very natural look to them.

Imperial ViVO® teeth are suited for:

  • Full dentures
  • Implant prosthetics
  • Telescope and cone constructions
  • Attachment dentures
  • Model cast prostheses
  • Interim solutions


The Imperial ViVO® line is available in 16 of the Classical Vita®-type shades, including 3 bleached shades.


The Anterior mold selection consists of 24 upper and 9 lower molds.

The Posterior mold selection consists of 13 upper and 13 lower

Molds in 33°, 0°, 10°, 15°, 20° and 4 upper and 4 lower 10° Delta Shallow Cusps.

Upper Anterior and Posterior

Extra-Large Teeth

Imperial ViVO® Special Upper Anterior AXL Central Incisors and Upper Posterior PXL36 Bicuspids are specialty items that will save you the expense and trouble of making custom teeth when you need to fill a large anterior space in a complete upper or partial denture. The upper posteriors may also be used as molars. These specialty teeth are available in all 19 ViVO® shades.