Cold-Cure Ortho Resin

Justi® Cold-Cure Ortho Resin

An autopolymerizing material primarily used in the construction of orthodontic appliances. The powder is clear and when used with the transparent liquid, will produce a clear base material. A pink liquid is also available, which when used with the clear powder, will produce a translucent pink base material. The powder is a low-flow polymer that absorbs the monomer rapidly. This prevents the material from slumping when using the liquid dropper technique.

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Justi® Spruzzo™

Colored Acrylic Powders – Solid Colors

Pozzi blended colored powders were designed for use with our clear monomer. These colors were created for those wanting a more solid color appearance. Designed for use with the salt-and-pepper technique, these colors are sure to catch every teenager’s eye! Each color comes in a 4-ounce easy-to-use spray bottle and is available in many popular colors.

Ortho Color Liquids

Justi® Ortho Color Liquids

Use of these colors results in beautiful and unique appliances. Colors are dense and bright and are manufactured by our factory in Oxnard, California.

Color Guides

Color Guides

A display of 13 fun colors to assist patients in choosing their color.