Temporary Crown & Bridge Resin

Justi® Temporary Crown & Bridge Resin

3 Shades – Light, Medium and Dark

An autopolymerizing self-cure powder and liquid resin for fabricating a crown, bridge or splint. It is very hard, color stable and easy to polish and comes in Light (shade 59), Medium (shade 62), and Dark (shade 69). This material has a low exothermic heat peak and therefore, is tolerable to the oral cavity; it does not burn.

Tooth Shades

Justi® Tooth Shades

Cold Cure Temporary Crown and Bridge Acrylic for Lab is a specially prepared formulation for dental laboratories to construct and build strong temporary crowns and bridges. Cross-linking monomer with high craze resistance and toughness. Kit available in 8 Imperial/Bioform type shades. New Bleached shades 17, 18, 19 and 21 are also available in 1lb. bottles.

Available Shades:

  • 59
  • 62
  • 65
  • 66
  • 67
  • 69
  • 81