Justi® Opaquer

A resin opaquer for masking metal in veneer crowns with outstanding quality of adhesion. It is also very helpful in holding veneer color. Primarily used with Namilon or Justi Crown and Bridge Formula. However, it can also be used with other polymer-based crown and bridge materials. Brown and pink opaquers are used when experience shows they are needed. Available as a Kit or Refills of Powder or Liquid.

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Resin Modifying Stains

Justi® Resin Modifying Stains

Justi Resin Modifying Stains are primarily used for modifying Justi Namilon shade powders and Justi Crown and Bridge formula. However, they can be used with other types of methacrylates. Also used for characterization of the cervical areas, for decalcification marks and check-lines in plastic teeth, etc.

Available in shades:

  • yellow
  • gray
  • white
  • brown
  • pink
  • blue
  • light orange
  • dark orange

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Resin Cement

Justi® Resin Cement – Best Cement on the Market

For Permanent Cementation

A unique copolymer offering greater adhesive properties and insolubility. Justi Resin Cement offers a lower film thickness and is radio-opaque.


  • Shows adhesion to tooth structure superior to any other cement tested after 24 hours immersion in water.
  • Meets the requirement for film thickness in ADA Specification #8, when used according to instructions.
  • Insoluble in mouth fluids.
  • As harmless to the pulp as present resin filling materials.
  • Radio-opaque.

Available in 6 shades:

Natural Yellow, Natural Gray, White, Pink, Brown and Clear.