Crown & Bridge Formula

Justi® Crown & Bridge Formula

An outstanding cross-linked polymethyl methacrylate resin to formulate crowns, bridges and inlays. It is a heat-cure method for permanent cases and long-term provisionals that is available in 17 different dentin shades It also comes in two enamels: light incisal and grey incisal and a finishing transparent shade. Complete technique instructions are available on request.

Available Shades: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 62, 65, 66, 67, 69, 70, 77 and 81

Available In: 1oz “SR” Monomer, 4oz “SR” monomer, 32oz “SR” Monomer, 1 gallon “SR” Monomer, 4oz powder, 1 lb powder, 1oz powder, Crown and Bridge Formula

Imperial Namilon

Justi® Imperial Namilon

An internally pigmented, cross-linked methyl methacrylate resin for permanent crown and bridge restorations. It is ideal for quality, high-strength, long-term provisional cases such as implants and full-mouth reconstructions. Namilon is to be used with the crown and bridge investment procedures, i.e., wax-up, investment, boil-out and packing. Because Namilon is internally pigmented, it will not streak, bleed or change color. Namilon features an extended working time, and once polymerized in heat, it cures quickly. Restorations are durable, solvent and wear resistant.

Available Kits: (Contains 16 1oz bottles in Imperial Shades 60, 62, 64,65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 77, 81, 82, Incisal A, Incisal B, Opaque and Transparent- 2 1oz bottles, Liquid Resin, -2 Mixing jars- 1 Measuring Spoon- 1 Glass Pipette- 1 Imperial Shade Guide- 1-Namilon Instructions), 1oz Powder, 4oz Powder, 16oz Powder, Namilon 1oz Liquid, Namilon 4oz Liquid, Namilon 8oz Liquid, Namilon 32oz Liquid.

Soft Denture Reliner

Justi® Soft Denture Reliner

Semi-Rigid, Soft and Very Soft, Heat Cure

An ethyl methacrylate-type material that can be heat cured traditionally or processed in the microwave oven within minutes when using the Justi Vipi Microflask system. This pink soft liner blends well with most denture base materials. It has a choice of three textures– semi-rigid, soft and very soft. The material is tissue tolerable and will improve mouth comfort from spiny ridges or other causes of chronic soreness. Doctors, technicians and patients will all be exceptionally pleased with this high-quality and long-lasting material.

Available In: Semi-Ridge Kit (Contains 1 8oz Liquid, 1lb powder), Soft Kit ( Contains 1 8oz Liquid, 1lb powder), Very Soft Kit (contains1 8oz Liquid, 1lb powder) 8oz Liquid- Semi-Rigid, 8oz Liquid- Soft, Very Soft 8oz Liquid, 1lb powder.

Pakto System

Justi® Pakto System

“The Artesians and Ceramist’s Friend”

Same technique as is used with porcelains. The Justi Pakto® System is a high-quality resin-to-metal alternative to porcelain.

Justi Pakto is a crown and bridge resin material system designed to save time and labor while offering maximum physical properties to simulate the hardness of natural dentition. Justi Pakto is not a methyl methacrylate, a composite or a porcelain. It is 100% poly glycol dimethacrylate resin and is processed in a dry-heat pressurized chamber.

The areas of application are:

A. Crown and bridge veneers

B. Facings on partial dentures and attachment frames

C. Inlays of all types

D. Maryland-type bridges

E. Temporary crowns and bridges

Justi Pakto can be used with any ADA-recommended metal with no color change or fractures. The opaque has superior masking qualities and chemically bonds to the tooth-shaded resin material.

Color verification can be done before the resin is cured since the shade is identical when cured. Justi Pakto is shaded to match the Vita-Lumin® Shade System. (Vita-Lumin is not a registered trademark of American Tooth Industries.)

The same tools used to process porcelain can be used for Justi Pakto. The Justi Pakto Curing System uses a 4-quart, dry-heat pressurized pot. Replacement parts sold separately.

Optional Accessory: Pakto Pressure Pot 4 Quart