Denture Base

Justi® Denture Base

  • Short setting
  • Long working time
  • High color fidelity
  • Prevents crazing from solvents.

Sizes Available:

  • Refil 1lb
  • Refill 7lb
  • Refill 25lb
  • Liquids
  • Kit (enough for 20 units, 1lb powder and 8oz clear liquid)

Shades- Regular pink powder, Dark powder, B shade powder, Regular fibered powder, Dark fibered powder, Clear powder3, Ethnic natural, Ethnic “A”, Ethnic “B”, Regular original fibered.

Denture Base Shade Liquid Available

Justi has the Largest Shade Selection Available with the Most Fibers

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Denture Base Materials

Justi® Denture Base Materials

High Impact for Traditional and Microwave Technique

A high-grade methacrylate polymer combined with a cross-linked, solvent-resistant monomer has advantages not found in ordinary denture base materials. It has a short setting and long working time. It is hard, dense and structurally strong, having good model adaptation and high color fidelity. The high-quality cross-linked monomer prevents crazing from solvents such as ether, alcohol, monomer and acetone, etc. This material will bond with any of Justi’s tooth lines.

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Pourable Denture Base Material

Justi® Pourable Denture Base Material

High-performance polymer in a pourable acrylic.

With Justi’s Pourable Denture Base Material, you can enjoy a pourable denture base that mixes quickly to produce the perfect consistency required for optimum flow and exceptional performance.


  • 4-5 minute pour time and a 20 minute short curing time
  • Easy mixing for perfect consistency
  • Super-fine particle size enhances strength and tooth bond
  • Low porosity and minimal shrinkage
  • Cadmium free
  • Exceptional color stability

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Repair Material

Justi® Repair Material

A universal-type repair material, applicable for repairing all types of acrylic dentures, temporary prostheses and indirect relines. This self-curing methyl methacrylate material is cross-linked and internally pigmented to give a dense, even texture. Justi Repair Material is available in 3 shades of powder.

Shades Available:

  • Regular Pink
  • Regular Fibered Pink
  • Clear

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Tray Material

Justi® Tray Material

A self-curing-type acrylic for construction of precision custom trays and stabilized occlusal bite rims. Justi Tray Material is a coarse-type powder that has a high degree of elasticity with a moderate curing time to allow ample working time. After the initial dough stage, the material can be manipulated without sticking to the hands. Having a dead pack, it can be adapted to the model without any significant shrinkage after the cure. The surface roughness aids in the retention of the impression material.

Shades Available:

  • 30 Unit Professional Package
  • Bulk Shipment Powder 25lb Drub
  • Liquid-1 gallon
  • Powder 1-25lb drum

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Frame Base Material

Justi® Frame Base Material

Justi Frame Base Material is a specially formulated microwave-type denture base material used in processing metal framework partial dentures. Can be rapidly cured in a microwave oven. This material can withstand higher heat curing than conventional acrylics. Used only for microwave curing with the Justi VIPI Microflask System.

Available in two shades:

  • Regular fibered
  • Dark fibered.

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