Our Trusted Family of World-leading Products

Tested by time, Justi® and Pozzi® are proven to be tried and true — and made in the USA!

Laboratory Knives

Fahnstock Large Waxing Knife 017-420 Fahnstock Small Waxing Knife 017-421 Lessmann Small Waxing Knife 017-422 Lessmann Large Waxing Knife 017-423

Special Inox Plaster Nippers

THE QUICK DESTROYER Stainless steel nippers especially handy for accurate chipping of excess plaster from laboratory work models. Cuts plaster and stone.

Spatulas for Alginate and Plaster

This line of spatulas was designed by dental engineers for better manipulation of alginate and plaster. The curved tips on items 017-434, 017-435, and 017-436 are the most advanced technical design. They help to mix and become a scoop which is a great help in picking up additional material.

Knife & Spatual Kit

A complete kit of 18 different high-quality instruments wrapped in a protective red felt roll

Flask Opening Knife

The dual-purpose flask opening knife is a heavy duty, long-lasting instrument made of carbon steel that extends the length of the handle. The butt end has an extrusion designed to open flasks.

Plaster Knives

High quality and fine craftsmanship set these knives apart.

Galletti® Articulator

Metal articulator that controls the correct occlusion with maximum precision. No plaster or accessories are needed

Featuring Mechanical Fixation of Models

Precision Made • Original Type Patented

The Galetti Articulator is solidly constructed of metal alloy casting. It is easy to use, allowing quick fixation of model from chairside to patient. For the dentist, orthodontist and oral surgeon, the Galetti Articulator creates an impressive display that is quick and easy to use for case presentations. It can also be used for study models, as well as for many additional applications for partial and full denture work.

Special Features:

  • All anatomical movements possible. Correct occlusion with maximum precision.
  • Perfect occlusal-articular balance to prevent cuspidal interference and to obtain a balanced prosthetic appliance.
  • Allows easy separation of upper and lower components to form two entirely stable working bases.
  • Upper anterior ball-bearing joint allows for free motion of upper appliance to check occlusal-articulator balance.
  • Hinge axis with bilateral motion capability for anterior, posterior and lateral movements showing working and balancing movements.
  • Adjustable vertical angle pin table to raise or lower the bite.

Magnett® Articulator

Features four basic movements: mastication, protrusive, right lateral and left lateral. The protrusive movement can be simulated by placing both thumbs on the upper cross member just inside the condular joints and simply pushing towards the back of the condular springs. To achieve right lateral movement press with the left thumb and to achieve left lateral movement, press with the right thumb against the cross member. Comes with 10 steel mounting plates.

Timeless Articulator

Justi Timeless Articulator creates an impressive display that is quick and easy to use for case presentations. It can also be used for study models, as well as for many additional applications for partial and full denture work.

AVM 100M

A Mid-Range Articulator Without Facebow.


Pozzi Polymerization Flask

Our Microwave Flask is designed for use during microwave curing procedures. Pozzi’s flask for microwave polymerization is made of a reinforced engineered plastic which guarantees excellent physical and mechanical properties.


  • Work faster
  • Improve the process
  • Save money
  • Better dimensional stability
  • High-temperature resistance
  • 100% microwave compatible
  • Safe to 2x exertion of pressure
  • Plenty of space to work with total upper and lower cases
  • Use any Justi microwavable resin
  • Cleaner than regular procedures


Justi is proud to introduce the industrial-strength, two-piece, Super Vipi STG Microflask to be used in the microwave irradiation technique for curing acrylic resins in the fabrication of dental prostheses. This revolutionary microwave flask is constructed in 2 sections with 4 stainless steel bolts, sleeves and threads for tightening. Featuring:

  • Uniform curing of acrylic resins
  • Rapid curing time (13 min)
  • Complete curing of acrylic resin with no significant free monomer residual
  • Clean removal method without damage to the flask
  • Reduced energy costs

White Color with HP type shank.

For gold and porcelain. Made with compressed aluminum oxide.

Mounted Stones for Porcelain

Series P mounted stones. Dark Green color. HP type shank. Non-contaminating.

Mounted Stones for Precious Alloys

Series G mounted stones. Light green color. HP type shank. For gold. Compressed aluminum oxide. Non-contaminating.

Mounted Stones for Resin

Series V mounted stones. Normal type green. HP type shank. Non-contaminating.

Malibu-Pozzi Products – Compressed Abrasive Formula

Pin Cutters for Chrome-Cobalt & Non-Precious Alloys
Series PC – Available in 35mm diameter, 0.7mm thickness; and 40mm x 1mm thickness.

Abrasive Wheels for Chrome-Cobalt & Non-Precious Alloys
Series AW – available in 22mm diameter, 3.5mm thickness.

Roughing Discs for Chrome-Cobalt & Non-Precious Alloys
Series RD – available in 35mm diameter x 1.7mm thickness; and 32mm diameter x 2.2mm Thickness.

Separators for Chrome-Cobalt & Non-Precious Alloys
Series S – Available in 22mm diameter, 0.2mm and 0.6mm thickness; 25mm diameter and 0.7mm thickness.

The Pozzi stainless steel crown line is manufactured to meet the needs of all facets of dentistry. The posterior molar crowns are designed with a shallow occlusal anatomy, allowing for more healthy tooth structure after tooth reduction. The shallow occlusal cusps permit complete compatibility with opposing teeth and reduced cuspal interference during normal mastication. The crowns are parallel on the mesial and distal walls. Unlike bell-shaped crowns, these crowns will not rock or cause separation when two or more adjoining crowns are used. We have made these crowns with a thickness of 0.18 mm that prevents occlusal wear-through that sometimes occurs with the use of thinner crowns. Unlike some of the other crowns made with thinner and less durable materials, our crowns may be welded too. These are the crowns you want for making space maintainers or Herbst appliances, or for a semipermanent restoration. Through our own research, we have determined these crowns to be of the ideal length: short enough to eliminate excess crown trimming, and long enough to provide optimum length and contour. To make our line complete to the user, we offer first and second primary molars, first and second permanent molars and first and second bicuspids. Pozzi Style 2000 crowns are a match for Unitek® Crowns. The Pozzi® Crown numbers and sizes are the same as Unitek®. Unitek® is not a trademark of American Tooth Industries.

1st Primary Molar

2nd Primary Molar

1st Permanent Molar

2nd Permanent Molar

1st Bicuspid

2nd Bicuspid

Pozzi® Space Maintainers

These preformed components are available to the laboratvory that chooses to form a custom band or crown space maintainer. You simply solder the tube to the band/crown, insert the maintainer rest into the tubing, and crimp it at the desired point. Your doctor can even do the crimping in the office, thereby eliminating any chance of misfitting.

Pozzi® Retainer Wire (Medical Specification)

  • Diamond drawn: yields a perfectly round wire.
  • Medium hard temper: a true 1/2 hard wire.
  • Easily formed: ideal for hand forming.
  • Non-brittle: can be bent 12-14 times before breaking to prevent remakes.

POZZI® Standard Round Wire (Medical Specification)

  • High Elasticity, which permits greater manipulation of this 3/4 hard wire without danger of cracking or breaking.
  • High yield point which gives the wire a greater resistance to permanent deformation.
  • Uniform mechanical properties from wire to wire and batch to batch.
  • Packaged in 10 – 14” straight lengths per tube. When ordering please specify item number and size.

Pozzi® Cobalt Clasp Crozat Wire (Medical Specification)

  • Chromium cobalt alloy. Specifically designed for the Crozat method and for fabrication of the OSAYS appliance.
  • Heat-treatable: May be soldered in open flame.
  • Available in 15-23 gauge.
  • Coiled spools. A softer, more malleable wire saves time when making intricate bends.

Pozzi® Standard Round Wire (Medical Specification)

  • 3/4 hard wire for those who want more spring to their wire.
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel.
  • Spooled wire allows for increased tensile strength and less waste.

Pozzi Super Ball Clasps – Series 2000

This improved ball clasp is made of high-grade #304 stainless steel wire and accepts severe bends without fracturing. The round head is approximately twice the diameter of the wire shaft and will not irritate tissue. These clasps are made from diamond-drawn wire and have a bright, clean finish. In our opinion, other ball clasps on the market today have a lower tensile strength and an oval-shaped head that does not possess adequate retention required by retainers. If you are looking for a better ball clasp to give superior retention on your removable appliances, try the 2000 series.

Pozziloy (Medical Specification)

Pozziloy retainer wire, is our own special formulation of nickel cobalt wire, available in a blue, soft, heat-treatable (1400/1600 N/ tensile. This chromium-cobalt base alloy is highly stainless and mechanically more resistant to breakage. Each wire is color coded blue at the tip, and is 14 inches in length. This wire is made from a vacuum-fused alloy, diamond-drawn to obtain leveled and highly resistant forces. Packaged in a ten pack, it is available in .025, .028, .030, .032 and .036.

Pozzi Lingual Bars

Stainless steel lingual bars in four sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large. More retention due to large serrated anchorage surface.

Pozzi Wire & Sheet Metal Gauge Precision Instrument

Light-weight stainless steel. Measures round and rectangular wire with gauge and inch sizes. The only device which helps to verify sizes and maintains quality control. The wire gauge is a template which is used to measure the gauge or thickness of sheet metal or wire. Around the edge are graduated, numbered slots which fit wire or sheet metal. The metal or wire is tried in the various slots until it just fits without being forced.

Soldering Tweezers

Stainless steel soldering tweezers with plastic handles for protection from heat of soldering. Available in two styles: straight or curved tipped.

Pozzi All Purpose Scissors

7” long, stainless steel, autoclavable 143o C, with plastic handles.

Pozzi® Malibu™ Orthodontic Laboratory Silver and Brazing Solder

A cadmium-free alloy with free flowing and ductile characteristics. Easy to use. Manufactured in the U.S.A. for the Pozzi brand.

The Pozzi family has been manufacturing silver solders since 1934. From the melting of different alloys, including 65% of the purest silver, up to the making of rough bulk ingots, the quality control has been consistent, and the resulting product is remarkable. Of course, our solder does not have any cadmium or any other impurities. The rolling of the rough ingots to obtain square and round wires takes at least fifteen steps. The lamination is done with the most precise gauged rolling mill in the industry. The high content of silver in our orthodontic solder means that very little material is needed in the soldering process, and the possibility of oxidation is nearly eliminated. Solders with a low silver content tend to oxidize heavily due to impurities. The combination of the ingredients in our silver solder and the high-quality flux make this product the very best available in the world market.

Pozzi® Malibu™ Flux

Flat Nose Pliers

General utility pliers. Heavy duty.

Small Flat Nose Pliers

General utility pliers for detail work.

Wide Flat Nose Pliers

General utility pliers with squared beak. Heavy duty.

Round Nose Pliers

Utility pliers specifically designed with flat-edged tips and round beaks on both sides.


Band and crown stretching plus contouring pliers.


Combining three of the most popular contouring pliers: Johnson, Reynolds and Waldron.


Curved shortened beaks. Used in band forming and contouring.


Larger beaks than the Peeso. Used for band and crown stretching plus contouring.


Curved elongated beaks. Used in band forming and contouring.


Precision ground tips assure a firm positive grip. The narrow beaks at the tip allow accessibility to all areas.


Precision-serrated tips assure a firm, positive grip during use.

Mathieu Hemostat Forcep Needle Holders

Positive locking ratchet allows instant opening and closing. Used by many orthodontists for twisting or tying ligature wire.

Broken Broaches Removing Pliers

Elongated and tapered tips for removing elastics from inaccessible areas.

Anterior Band Removing Pliers

Designed for the removal of anterior bands. Prevents danger of stretching or deforming the band. Comfortable for the patient without marring teeth.

Posterior Band Removing Pliers

Extended jaw design allows the removal of posterior bands from inaccessible areas. Plastic tips are optional.


Crimping and contouring pliers for bands, crowns and general use.

Nance/Adams Clasp Pliers

Allows the technician to produce a Nance or Adams clasp quickly and efficiently.

Anterior Direct Bond Bracket Remover

Wedging the tips under the bracket brace, allows for easy and efficient removal. Firm grip assures ease in horizontal use.

Hemostat / Forcep Mosquito Tip Straight

Modules sit securely in the tip. Hemostat prevents crushing of the ligature.

Hemostat / Forcep Mosquito Hook Tip

Provides easy access to posterior regions.

Hemostat / Forcep Mosquito Hook Tip

Hemostat has a recessed holding hook that prevents tearing of either the ligature or elastic.

Rose Torquing Pliers

Rose Torquing Pliers wide with key .018 x .022. Designed to place torque in a specific section of archwire (single tooth) without distorting the remainder of the wire. The key is designed to torque the section between holding beaks – the torqued section will not extend past the contact points of the pliers beaks and will engage easily without transfer of torque to adjacent teeth. Labial torque and lingual torque can be placed next to each other with ease. Works with all arch wires.


Use for precise bending and making loops for light wires.


Squared tips. The jaws are parallel at 1 mm opening.

Angle Tweed Rectangular Arch Forming Pliers

Arch bending and torquing pliers. Non-slip parallel holding action on rectangular wire up to

.025” x .208”.

Wire & Clasp Bending Pliers

Elongated beaks for precise bending of light wires and clasps.


Wire bending pliers with 4-step beak.

Tweed Loop

Has narrow concave beak on one side with three step on the other side for use on round or edgewise wire up to .020”.

Aderer Three Pronger Pliers

Use for opening, closing and adjusting clasps.


Arch bending pliers. Two types – 2 groove and 3 groove.


Arch and spring bending pliers.

Aderer Lingual Bar Heavy Face Bow

Three-pronged box joint pliers designed for the heavy bending of

lingual bars, face bows and clasps. Heavy duty.


For precise bending of light wires. The three grooves ensure accurate bending

and closing of loops.

Bird Beak Pliers

Both round and flat beaks permit the bending of rectangular and round wire up to .030”

Hollow Chop

For contouring round arch wires. Smooth beaks.

Lite Wire

Pliers designed for forming and bending up to .020” wire. Also for making and closing loops.

Optical Pliers

Precision concave beaks for clasp and wire bending. Can be used on both round and edgewise wire to bend to exacting measurements.


Light wire, small optical pliers with concave beaks.

Wire Bending Pliers

Precision round and concave beaks for clasp and wire bending. Can be used on both round and edgewise wire up to .040.

Clasp Bending Pliers

This plier helps in giving the appropriate bend in the inner dental area of the tooth. 

Heavy Duty Waldsachs

General forming and bending pliers. Heavy duty.

Heavy Duty Wire & Plate Scissors

Heavy Duty Wire and Plate Cutters assist in dissecting and removing plates, wires and pins during dental procedures.

Scissors and Cutters

Universal collar and crown scissors. For cutting bands and soft wire.

Lab Cutting Pliers

Designed to cut lab wires up to 0.040”.

Pin & Ligature Wire Cutter

Special carbide steel blades assure you accurate, dependable cutting edges. Perfect for cutting lock and key pins. Stainless steel. Cuts soft wire up to .010”. Do not use on hard wire.

Wire Cutting Pliers

Designed to cut lab wire up to 0.040”.

Hemostat/Forcep Mosquito Hook tip

Hemostat has a recessed holding hook that prevents tearing of either the ligature or elastic.

Ligature Wire Cutter

Designed to clip metal ligatures.

Heavy Duty Lab Pliers

Designed to cut lab wire up to 0.032”.

Black Hard Wire Cutter

Specially designed for cutting hard wires. The cutting angle is 15 degrees and the cutting edges have been diamond-honed to allow hard wire cutting. Maximum cutting capacity is .20 diameter in hard wire.

Flush Cut Distal End Cutter with Safety Hold

The particular design of this cutter allows distal end arch wires to be cut in the patient’s mouth safely.

It cuts wire and then “safety holds” the loose wires.

Maximum cutting capacity: rectangular wire up to .022x.028”(0,56×0,71mm); round wire up to .020” (0,51mm); twist wire up to .016” (0,41mm) in diameter.

Miniature Pin & Ligature Cutter

This standard pin cutter is non-angled and designed to cut soft wires. This pliers is very popular for chairside work. Maximum cutting capacity is .015 in soft wire.

Micro-Miniature Light Wire Cutter with Stop Screw

This pliers is designed as a miniature ligature cutter that will cut soft wire. It easily reaches those hard-to-reach areas in the mouth. It has a factory adjusted stop screw that prevents tip damage due to overscrewing the cutter during routine procedures. Maximum cutting capacity is soft wire up to .012 in diameter.

15° Pin & Fine Wire Cutter

The tip is angled 15 degrees for better field vision. The tooled steel inserted tips have backing ledges for greater strength. Maximum cutting capacity is .015 diameter for both soft and hard wire.

Small Straight Scissors


Use for trimming anterior crowns.

Tube Crimping Pliers

Used to crimp the tube around a space maintainer wire. It can also be used for placing stops and tubing on arch wires

Small Crown Crimping Pliers

This tool is handy for anterior crowns and smaller sizes in the primary molars.

Regular Crown Crimping Pliers

This is the standard in the industry for all posterior crowns.

Crown Contouring Pliers

For adding contour to the crown for a better fit.

Mini-Distal End Cutter

Smaller than standard. Cuts and holds in one operation.

Posterior Direct Bond Bracket Remover

Direction provides easy access to confined posterior areas. Easy vertical removal.

Boynton-style Elastomeric Pliers

Features a smaller head with narrower arms for easier access to the posterior. An ideal alternative multiple use tool for the Crown & Bridge and Ceramics department.

V-Stop Bend Pliers

Forms a 1 mm high V bend automatically. Used to shorten arch wires or to place a strategic stop in the arch wire, such as the midline, which avoids any unwarranted displacement of the archwire. Used by laboratories for wrought wire modifications in transitional partials. For wires up to .025”.

Side Cutter Pliers – Heavy Duty

Heavy duty pliers designed to cut wire up to .040”

Side Cutter Pliers

Will cut up to .020” round wire. Features dual reciprocal springs for a lighter touch and less hand fatigue.


Mathieu Needle Holder

Positive locking ratchet allows instant opening and closing. Used by many orthodontists for twisting or tying ligature wire. An excellent general use instrument for Crown & Bridge and Ceramic technicians worldwide.

Prolong Flat Nose Pliers Serrated

Similar to a standard Mathieu except the tips are ultra fine to facilitate application of elastomeric ligature ties.

Mathieu Needle Holder Short Beak

General detail serrated utility pliers for detail work 6” – 15cm

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