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Justi® High-Impact Denture Base PMMA Discs

Justi® High-Impact Denture Base PMMA Discs are intended for use in milling full and partial denture prosthetic appliances. Justi Discs are available in 98.5mm diameter to fit most open type, 5-axis milling machines.

Available in three heights:                          Available in four shades:

• 20mm                                                           • Light Pink

• 25mm                                                           • Light Red

• 30mm                                                           • Pink

                                                                         • Dark Pink

                                                                         • Regular Original 

Justi® Monolayer PMMA Disc

Made from high cross linked PMMA material, the monolayer PMMA disc are used for fully and partially anatomical long-temporary crowns and bridges.


• Biocompatibility

• Excellent polish ability

• Clean milling

• Excellent long-term shade stability and aesthetic

• Available in shades: Pink 2S, A0 White, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4, D2, D3, D4

Justi® Multilayer PMMA Disc


Fully adjustable partially anatomical long-term temporary crowns and bridges, especially for the anterior area.


• Natural tooth-like layering – 10 layers

• For long-term temporaries with a wear period up to 12 months

• Biocompatibility

• Shade stability and plaque build-up

• Excellent polishing performance after milling

SHADES: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, B3, C2, D2, BL (Bleached Shades)

Justi® Denture Base

  • Short setting                                                    
  • Long working time  
  • High color fidelity 
  • Prevents crazing from solvents.

Sizes Available:

  • Refil 1lb
  • Refill 7lb
  • Refill 25lb 
  • Liquids 
  • Kit (enough for 20 units, 1lb powder and 8oz clear liquid)

Shades- Regular pink powder, Dark powder, B shade powder, Regular fibered powder, Dark fibered powder, Clear powder3, Ethnic natural, Ethnic “A”, Ethnic “B”, Regular original fibered.

Denture Base Shade Liquid Available

Justi has the Largest Shade Selection Available with the Most Fibers

Justi® Denture Base Materials

High Impact for Traditional and Microwave Technique

A high-grade methacrylate polymer combined with a cross-linked, solvent-resistant monomer has advantages not found in ordinary denture base materials. It has a short setting and long working time. It is hard, dense and structurally strong, having good model adaptation and high color fidelity. The high-quality cross-linked monomer prevents crazing from solvents such as ether, alcohol, monomer and acetone, etc. This material will bond with any of Justi’s tooth lines.

Justi® Pourable Denture Base Material

High-performance polymer in a pourable acrylic.

With Justi’s Pourable Denture Base Material, you can enjoy a pourable denture base that mixes quickly to produce the perfect consistency required for optimum flow and exceptional performance.


  • 4-5 minute pour time and a 20 minute short curing time
  • Easy mixing for perfect consistency
  • Super-fine particle size enhances strength and tooth bond
  • Low porosity and minimal shrinkage
  • Cadmium free
  • Exceptional color stability

Justi® Repair Material

A universal-type repair material, applicable for repairing all types of acrylic dentures, temporary prostheses and indirect relines. This self-curing methyl methacrylate material is cross-linked and internally pigmented to give a dense, even texture. Justi Repair Material is available in 3 shades of powder.

Shades Available:

  • Regular Pink
  • Regular Fibered Pink
  • Clear 

Justi® Tray Material

A self-curing-type acrylic for construction of precision custom trays and stabilized occlusal bite rims. Justi Tray Material is a coarse-type powder that has a high degree of elasticity with a moderate curing time to allow ample working time. After the initial dough stage, the material can be manipulated without sticking to the hands. Having a dead pack, it can be adapted to the model without any significant shrinkage after the cure. The surface roughness aids in the retention of the impression material.

Available Sizes:

  • 30 Unit Professional Package
  • Bulk Shipment Powder 25lb Drub
  • Liquid-1 gallon
  • Powder 1-25lb drum

Justi® Frame Base Material

Justi Frame Base Material is a specially formulated microwave-type denture base material used in processing metal framework partial dentures. Can be rapidly cured in a microwave oven. This material can withstand higher heat curing than conventional acrylics. Used only for microwave curing with the Justi VIPI Microflask System.

Available in two shades:

  • Regular fibered 
  • Dark fibered.

Justi® Crown & Bridge Formula

An outstanding cross-linked polymethyl methacrylate resin to formulate crowns, bridges and inlays. It is a heat-cure method for permanent cases and long-term provisionals that is available in 17 different dentin shades It also comes in two enamels: light incisal and grey incisal and a finishing transparent shade. Complete technique instructions are available on request.

Available Shades: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 62, 65, 66, 67, 69, 70, 77 and 81 

Available In: 1oz “SR” Monomer, 4oz “SR” monomer, 32oz “SR” Monomer, 1 gallon “SR” Monomer, 4oz powder, 1 lb powder, 1oz powder, Crown and Bridge Formula

Justi® Imperial Namilon

An internally pigmented, cross-linked methyl methacrylate resin for permanent crown and bridge restorations. It is ideal for quality, high-strength, long-term provisional cases such as implants and full-mouth reconstructions. Namilon is to be used with the crown and bridge investment procedures, i.e., wax-up, investment, boil-out and packing. Because Namilon is internally pigmented, it will not streak, bleed or change color. Namilon features an extended working time, and once polymerized in heat, it cures quickly. Restorations are durable, solvent and wear resistant.

Available Kits: (Contains 16 1oz bottles in Imperial Shades 60, 62, 64,65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 77, 81, 82, Incisal A, Incisal B, Opaque and Transparent- 2 1oz bottles, Liquid Resin, -2 Mixing jars- 1 Measuring Spoon- 1 Glass Pipette- 1 Imperial Shade Guide- 1-Namilon Instructions), 1oz Powder, 4oz Powder, 16oz Powder, Namilon 1oz Liquid, Namilon 4oz Liquid, Namilon 8oz Liquid, Namilon 32oz Liquid.

Justi® Soft Denture Reliner

Semi-Rigid, Soft and Very Soft, Heat Cure

An ethyl methacrylate-type material that can be heat cured traditionally or processed in the microwave oven within minutes when using the Justi Vipi Microflask system. This pink soft liner blends well with most denture base materials. It has a choice of three textures– semi-rigid, soft and very soft. The material is tissue tolerable and will improve mouth comfort from spiny ridges or other causes of chronic soreness. Doctors, technicians and patients will all be exceptionally pleased with this high-quality and long-lasting material.

Available In: Semi-Ridge Kit (Contains 1 8oz Liquid, 1lb powder), Soft Kit ( Contains 1 8oz Liquid, 1lb powder), Very Soft Kit (contains1 8oz Liquid, 1lb powder) 8oz Liquid- Semi-Rigid, 8oz Liquid- Soft, Very Soft 8oz Liquid, 1lb powder.

Justi® Pakto System

“The Artesians and Ceramist’s Friend”

Same technique as is used with porcelains. The Justi Pakto® System is a high-quality resin-to-metal alternative to porcelain.

Justi Pakto is a crown and bridge resin material system designed to save time and labor while offering maximum physical properties to simulate the hardness of natural dentition. Justi Pakto is not a methyl methacrylate, a composite or a porcelain. It is 100% poly glycol dimethacrylate resin and is processed in a dry-heat pressurized chamber.

The areas of application are:

A. Crown and bridge veneers

B. Facings on partial dentures and attachment frames

C. Inlays of all types

D. Maryland-type bridges

E. Temporary crowns and bridges

Justi Pakto can be used with any ADA-recommended metal with no color change or fractures. The opaque has superior masking qualities and chemically bonds to the tooth-shaded resin material.

Color verification can be done before the resin is cured since the shade is identical when cured. Justi Pakto is shaded to match the Vita-Lumin® Shade System. (Vita-Lumin is not a registered trademark of American Tooth Industries.)

The same tools used to process porcelain can be used for Justi Pakto. The Justi Pakto Curing System uses a 4-quart, dry-heat pressurized pot. Replacement parts sold separately.

Optional Accessory: Pakto Pressure Pot 4 Quart

Justi® Opaquer

A resin opaquer for masking metal in veneer crowns with outstanding quality of adhesion. It is also very helpful in holding veneer color. Primarily used with Namilon or Justi Crown and Bridge Formula. However, it can also be used with other polymer-based crown and bridge materials. Brown and pink opaquers are used when experience shows they are needed. Available as a Kit or Refills of Powder or Liquid.

Justi® Resin Cement –

Best Cement on the Market

For Permanent Cementation

A unique copolymer offering greater adhesive properties and insolubility. Justi Resin Cement offers a lower film thickness and is radio-opaque.


  • Shows adhesion to tooth structure superior to any other cement tested after 24 hours immersion in water.
  • Meets the requirement for film thickness in ADA Specification #8, when used according to instructions.
  • Insoluble in mouth fluids.
  • As harmless to the pulp as present resin filling materials.
  • Radio-opaque.


Available in 6 shades:

Natural Yellow,

Natural Gray,

White, Pink, Brown and Clear.


Justi® Resin Modifying Stains

Justi Resin Modifying Stains are primarily used for modifying Justi Namilon shade powders and Justi Crown and Bridge formula. However, they can be used with other types of methacrylates. Also used for characterization of the cervical areas, for decalcification marks and check-lines in plastic teeth, etc.

Available in shades:

  • yellow
  • gray
  • white
  • brown
  • pink
  • blue
  • light orange
  • dark orange

Justi® Temporary Crown & Bridge Resin

3 Shades – Light, Medium and Dark

An autopolymerizing self-cure powder and liquid resin for fabricating a crown, bridge or splint. It is very hard, color stable and easy to polish and comes in Light (shade 59), Medium (shade 62), and Dark (shade 69). This material has a low exothermic heat peak and therefore, is tolerable to the oral cavity; it does not burn.

Justi® Tooth Shades

Cold Cure Temporary Crown and Bridge Acrylic for Lab is a specially prepared formulation for dental laboratories to construct and build strong temporary crowns and bridges. Cross-linking monomer with high craze resistance and toughness. Kit available in 8 Imperial/Bioform type shades. New Bleached shades 17, 18, 19 and 21 are also available in 1lb. bottles.

Available Shades: 

  • 59
  • 62
  • 65
  • 66
  • 67
  • 69 
  • 81

Justi® Cold-Cure Ortho Resin

An autopolymerizing material primarily used in the construction of orthodontic appliances. The powder is clear and when used with the transparent liquid, will produce a clear base material. A pink liquid is also available, which when used with the clear powder, will produce a translucent pink base material. The powder is a low-flow polymer that absorbs the monomer rapidly. This prevents the material from slumping when using the liquid dropper technique.

Justi® Spruzzo™

Colored Acrylic Powders – Solid Colors

Pozzi blended colored powders were designed for use with our clear monomer. These colors were created for those wanting a more solid color appearance. Designed for use with the salt-and-pepper technique, these colors are sure to catch every teenager’s eye! Each color comes in a 4-ounce easy-to-use spray bottle and is available in many popular colors.

Justi® Ortho Color Liquids

Use of these colors results in beautiful and unique appliances. Colors are dense and bright and are manufactured by our factory in Oxnard, California.

Color Guides

A display of 13 fun colors to assist patients in choosing their color.

Renew Professional Strength Denture Cleaner

Renew is a Premium Denture Cleaner in a class of its own. Renew powder is a concentrated denture cleaner with a formulation much more powerful than effervescent denture tablets and powders currently on the market. This formulation allows for superior cleaning in a shorter period of time. Renew has professional strength denture cleaning and is backed by a money back guarantee. It cleans better than others, removing: tobacco, iron, plaque, coffee, calcium, calculus, tea, tarter and bacteria. Renew is sold in a generous 200- gram bottle, which provides 50 denture cleanings.

Each case has 50 free samples, making it easier for patients to try Renew free of charge.

Renew Display Kit

Renew has been on the market for 20 years in Canada and is only sold by dental professionals. Each case has 50 free samples, making it easier for patients to try Renew free of charge. Since Renew is not available in retail stores, having the bottles displayed and readily available will encourage purchase right at your office

Justi® DENTURE BRUSH Essential Denture Cleaning…

Just like natural teeth, for optimal denture hygiene, denture brushing is essential. Daily brushing with the Justi Denture Brush is the safest, most effective way to keep a denture looking its best. Proper brushing makes a denture last longer and helps to keep the mouth clean and fresh. The design of the brush enables complete removal of deposits and food residues.

The rounded nylon bristle tips will not harm denture materials. The large ergonomic handle provides positive brush movement control for easy denture cleaning. For more thorough cleaning, combine brushing with periodic soaking in Renew Denture Cleaner.

Removable Prosthodontics Manual

A “must” for professional dental technicians

This comprehensive manual is for technicians who want to study various fabrication procedures used in the dental lab and the basic science needed to successfully communicate with dentists. It is also recommended for technicians who are preparing to take the certification examinations. They are written by U.S. Air Force Dental Laboratory Instructors.

Justi® Denture Manual

Learn How to Fabricate Dentures Using Justi Teeth

A manual for the selection, articulation and fabrication of dentures using Justi plastic teeth. An invaluable guide for the dental laboratory technician. State-of-the-art illustrations describing some of the types of removable prosthodontic appliances and techniques used in dentistry today. An invaluable aid to both teaching and learning.


Denterms Dental Dictionary

Terminology for the Dental Team–A glossary of dental terminology slated toward those terms associated with prosthetic dentistry. Recommended use by schools of dental laboratory technology and hygiene.

Justi® Caliper

A measuring device used for measuring parameter landmarks on a working model or facial dimensions to aid in tooth mold selection

Justi® Papilla Gauge

Denture Measuring Device

The permanent position of the papilla can provide great diagnostic value in reproducing tooth position in the construction of a denture. A measuring device that uses this landmark will record, with accuracy, the horizontal and vertical plane to define the position of the incisal edges and the central incisors. These measurements can be recorded, along with the mold and shade, on the patient’s records for present or future application. For more information, please contact us.

Justi® Utility Template

Denture Measuring Device

The Justi Template is a quality plastic occlusal plane guide tool specifically designed for the needs of today’s productive technicians for tooth setup and occlusal bite rim fabrication. A guide relation of 80 degree angled sides are calibrated with a millimeter rule guide measuring 0 to 70 mm with markings at 18 and 22 mm.

Technician’s Utility Ruler

Denture Measuring Device

The Justi Technician’s Utility Ruler will aid the technician in the most common situations: fabrication of occlusal rims, verification of the maxillary central incisor position, determination of normal or cross-bite situations, determination of posterior molds, measuring for the six anterior teeth and related information. Comes complete with instructions for use.

Justi® Pocket Lens

Denture Measuring Device

You’ll love how clearly details can be seen with our new Pocket Lens. The applications around your lab or dental office are limitless.

Kura Curing Pot with Air Hose

The Justi-Kura™ Curing Pot has been designed to satisfy the need of the modern technician. It is sturdy, very practical, absolutely safe, and has a large capacity of 6 quarts. The assembling of the pot is done under strict quality control. The price is very competitive considering that it is made entirely of stainless steel. All parts are available individually.

The Justi-Kura™ Curing Pot is designed for curing Pozzi Ortho Resin, Justi Ortho Resin, and Justi Repair Material. This system ensures a pourous-free cure. When powder and liquid application is complete, cover appliance with warm water in the pot, move the lid to the closed position and inject air 20 to 30 psi. Allow the resin to cure 15 minutes. Exhaust the air by pressing the pressure release valve until the safety lock drops completely. Open lid, remove appliance and allow to bench cool.


  • The Justi-Kura Curing Pot – is sturdy, absolutely safe, very practical and has a large capacity of 6 quarts.
  • Air Intake Valve – Admits compressed air. Valve must be firmly imbedded into the lid.
  • Safety Relief Valve – Cuts in if the pressure is above the recommended psi and the pressure will be released.
  • Pressure Release Valve -To open the pot, press the air release valve until the safety lock drops. Open the lid counterclockwise and lift up.
  • Air Pressure Gauge -The pot is preset not to exceed 40 psi.
  • Safety Lock – Small seal for pressure pot safety lock.
  • Air Supply Hose -To inject compressed air into pot.

Justi® Wax Solvent No. 20

An efficient, safe and pleasant-scented solvent used for wax elimination and shining after waxing prosthetic cases. An excellent separator for plaster, stone and any other gypsum product. Great for adding to boil tank water, cleaning counter tops, cleaning tools and equipment, and removing wax from clothing.

Justi® Milling & Polishing Cream

An all-purpose cream for milling, finishing and intra-oral polishing of porcelain and acrylic materials.

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