Justi® Dymon-Hue® HPT

Artificial Teeth Justi® Dymon-Hue® HPT Hardened Plastic Teeth Dymon-Hue HPT (hardened plastic teeth) are manufactured with lifelike aesthetics that are blended to be similar to those of natural teeth. Dymon-Hue […]

DeltaΔ™ Anatomic Posterior Teeth

Artificial Teeth DeltaΔ™ Anatomic Posterior Teeth These anatomically pleasing 10° posterior teeth are suitable for complete and removable partial dentures. Their carved cusps are very similar in shape to Dentsply […]

Justi® Imperial ViVO®

Artificial Teeth Justi® Imperial ViVO® Justi Imperial ViVO® offers an incisal and interproximal blend that give this beautiful line of teeth the unique ability to absorb and reflect surrounding color. This […]