Shade Guides

Artificial Teeth Shade Guides Customized Shade GuidesTo improve shade communications and to provide an outstanding marketing tool to dental labs and clinics, Justi offers the Customized Shade Guide which feature […]

Justi® Imperial® Facings

Artificial Teeth Justi® Imperial® Facings Flatback Plastic Slotted Facings Justi Imperial Facings are made of the same wear-resistant formula as our Justi Imperial tooth line. The facings are available in […]

Bambino® Teeth

Artificial Teeth Bambino® Teeth The Bambino tooth is an aes­thetic and functional solu­tion to the problem of the empty spaces left by decidu­ous teeth. Made of a copolymer cross-linked resin, […]

Lingual Bladed Teeth

Artificial Teeth Lingual Bladed Teeth Lingual Bladed Teeth by Levin Lingual bladed teeth are manufactured with color-stable, cross-linked acrylic resin and unbreakable surgical stainless-steel blades. Crafted with aesthetics in mind, […]

Justi Mastix™

Artificial Teeth Justi Mastix™ Hardened Copolymer Plastic Teeth These posterior teeth are made of hard copolymer enamel that will allow perfect mastication by the cutting shape of the maxillary cusps […]

Justi BlockCutter®

Artificial Teeth Justi BlockCutter® Hardened Copolymer Plastic Teeth These block teeth were designed for very fast setup and feature a revolutionary design allowing dentures to chew more efficiently with less […]

Justi Imperial Block Teeth

Artificial Teeth Justi Imperial® Block Teeth Uppers and Lowers 1×8 Made from highly cross-linked blended acrylic material, these block teeth are 4 posterior teeth joined together on a flat plane. […]

Triplex MSLV

Artificial Teeth Triplex MSLV The European Look in Vita type of shades The Triplex™ MSLV is a unique system of multi-layered intersectional polymer network resin denture teeth. The Triplex System features […]

Justi® Blend Teeth

Artificial Teeth Justi® Blend Teeth Multiblended Hardened Plastic Teeth Justi Blend brings a fresh and natural look to multiblended characterized plastic anterior teeth. It is the right choice for today’s […]

Justi® Dymon-Hue® V

Artificial Teeth Justi® Dymon-Hue® V Justi® Dymon-Hue® V – to enhance and extend the Dymon-Hue tooth line, manufactured withlifelike aesthetics that are blended to be similar to those of natural […]