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American Tooth Industries was founded in
Los Angeles, California in 1971 as Bruno
Pozzi Dental Products. The company moved
to Oxnard, California in 1975 and incorporated under the name American Tooth Industries
in 1985.

Since April 2008, Emilio Pozzi has been the
President/CEO of the company. American
Tooth Industries is privately owned.

American Tooth Industries is comprised of
three product brand divisions, each recognized as a world leader in the field. Whether
you are interested in synthetic resin teeth,
acrylic specialty items, abrasives or orthodontic products, we have the quality items you’re
looking for. ATI is an ISO and CE certified

At American Tooth Industries, we believe that
you should have the opportunity to purchase
only the finest quality dental products at
prices you can afford!

Emilio Pozzi

Emilio Pozzi
President & CEO

H.D. Justi Dental Manufacturing was founded
in Philadelphia in 1864. In September of
1940, Justi introduced the first plastic tooth
line at the ADA convention in Cleveland, Ohio.
In 1980 Justi manufacturing was transferred
to Oxnard, California.

The company merged with American Tooth
Industries in 1986. The Justi Products Division now manufactures six lines of hardened
plastic teeth (Imperial, Justi Blend, Imperial
ViVO, ViForm, Dymon-Hue and Triplex) as well
as a wide range of chair-side and laboratory

The Pozzi Dental Products Division is a direct
descendant of Bruno Pozzi Dental Products.
The Pozzi products line is recognized as a
world leader in abrasives, stainless steel
crowns and bands, laboratory diamonds and
specialty items.

Our History of Excellence

Henry Daniel Justi was born

Founder, Henry Daniel Justi, was born in Marburg,Germany in 1834. Due to the early death of his father,Henry left school at the age of 13.


He was apprentice to a surgical instrument maker in his native town, and in 1850 immigrated to the United States with his mother where he obtained employment in Philadelphia in a shop where dentists took their instruments to be sharpened and repaired.

In the mid 19th century, a few dentists made the artificial teeth used in their practice, and it was part of Justi’s duties to repair the crude forms that the dentists made.

He conceived the idea for a completely new process for molding these porcelain teeth.

Meanwhile, however, he had started in the cutlery and surgical instrument business for himself. However, the idea of going into the manufacture of teeth prevailed. To obtain a better knowledge of the anatomy of teeth and the formulations and processes for repairing porcelain, he went to work for a dentist who carved and made teeth.

1864 - 1870
A Brand is born
Putting in many long hours at night he succeeded in compounding materials which produced teeth that were life - like in shade and texture, unlike the crude and porous porcelain that was prevalent at that time. He offered his ser vices to an established firm of tooth manufacturers, Orum and Armstrong, who engaged him as a mold cutter. In January1864 he was taken in as a partner under the firm name of Orum, Armstrong & Justi. In a few years, he acquired the interests of his partners and became the sole proprietor. In the same year, he obtained his first major U.S. patent, # 42,491, for improved tooth molding, and the H.D. Justi Company was born in 1870.
Prize Winning
After winning a prize for excellence at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876, Henry D. Justi went on to exhibit his products at World Fairs in Paris, Berlin, Vienna and even traveled with his exhibit to Chile in South America. The display case is on exhibit now at the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore, MD.
A New Factory
For many years the business was located at 516 Arch Street. However, in 1880 Justi built a factory at 32 nd and Spring Garden Streets - one of the first industrial plants on the west side of the Schuylkill River.
Father & Son
Henry Ma rtin Justi became a partner in his father’s business on April 4, 1892. In honor of his son’s becoming a partner, Henry D. Justi renamed his company H.D. Justi & Son. Around the 1890’s Justi retail dental supply stores were established in Philadelphia and C hicago. These were liquidated in the early 1930’s, and research was started on a new type of translucent and fluorescent porcelain, which resulted in the introduction of two new tooth lines in 1937.
1920 - 1937
A Family Business
Also, during the 1920’s the two sons of Henry M. Justi, the son of the founder, entered into the business. In 1931 Henry M. Justi, Jr., became President of the company and remained in that capacity until the early 1960’s. Henry M. Justi, Jr. was instrumental in directing the company into the line of plastic teeth. With the advent of acrylic resins for denture base in 1937, Justi recognized that this material would make artificial teeth practically unbreakable and led the development to the methods of molding plastic teeth and improvin g the translucency of the tooth
A New Material
Henry M. Justi, Jr. was instrumental in directing the company into the line of plastic teeth. With the advent of acrylic resins for denture base in 1937, Justi recognized that this material would make artificial teeth practically unbreakable and led the development to the methods of molding plastic teeth and improving the translucency of the tooth shades.
No More Porcelain
In September 1940 at the Cleveland convention of the American Dental Association, H. D. Justi and Son, Inc. presented a limited line of Denta - Pearl plastic teeth made of acrylic resin. In the summer of 1944, the company announced the discontinuation of the manufacture of porcelain teeth to devote 100% of its facilities and resources to further improving plastic teeth.
A Stronger Company
Since that time, and ultimately with the introduction of the Justi Imperial tooth in 1961, Justi had been recognized as the world le ader in the development of plastic arti fi cial teeth. In 1964, H.D. Justi and Son, Inc. was merged with, and all stock sold to the Williams Gold Refining Co. Inc. of Buffalo, N.Y. It was the feeling of both management groups that combining research and tec hnical efforts would strengthen the mission of both companies in their service to dentistry.
ATI is Born
In 1980 the H.D. Justi Company was purchased by a CA. tooth manufacturing company owned by Bruno Pozzi and other partners. The factory was transferred fro m Philadelphia to Oxnard, CA, finally merging with American Tooth Industries in 1986. With their expertise in shading, blending, curing and carding of teeth, Justi now manufactures six lines of hardened plastic teeth, all of which are distributed worldwide . Justi also formulates and manufactures a wide range of chairside and laboratory products
A New President
In 2008 Emilio Pozzi became President of ATI which now manufacturers and sells products under the brand names: Justi, Pozzi, Major and Regal st ill in Oxnard CA.
2012 - 2013
New Lines
Justi QA personnel receive x - rite Pantone® FM 100 Hue Color Vision Test Certi fi cation and introduces Imperial ViVO® tooth line
150 Years!
Justi celebrates 150 Years in Dental Industry!
Introducing Dymon-Hue V®

Justi introduces Dymon-Hue V° tooth line

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